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16 Lanes Steltronics Scoring System 10 Lanes QubicaAMF BES Scoring System 8 Lanes QubicaAMF Q Score System
16 Lanes Y Floor Mounted Pedestals with Dual Keypads, Dual 37" LCD"s with Hangers, Camera, Ball Triggering and Pinsetter Interface 10 Lanes BES Scoring System Fly Consoles, M-Vision Camera with New Dual Overhead LED's
32 Lanes Brunswick Vector Scoring Refurbished 12 Lanes AMF XL Scoring System Refurbished
Keypads Consoles, Dual 32" LCD's Overheads, Cameras, Interfaces for Pinsetters. 2 each Front Desk with Cash Control, 2 Additional Front Desk without Cash Control and 1 Back Office Server. Single Keypad Console, New Dual LED Overhead Screens, Cameras, Triggering and Interfaces. 1 each Front Desk (pictures are shown prior to removal and refurbished)