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16 Lanes Steltronics Scoring System 10 Lanes QubicaAMF BES Scoring System 36 Lanes QubicaAMF Q Score System
16 Lanes Y Floor Mounted Pedestals with Dual Keypads, Dual 37" LCD"s with Hangers, Camera, Ball Triggering and Pinsetter Interface 10 Lanes BES Scoring System Fly Consoles, M-Vision Camera with New Dual Overhead LED's
12 Lanes AMF XL Scoring System Refurbished 64 Lanes Brunswick Vector Scoring Refurbished
Single Keypad Console, New Dual LED Overhead Screens, Cameras, Triggering and Interfaces. 1 each Front Desk (pictures are shown prior to removal and refurbished) Keypads consoles, Dual 32" LCD's overheads, Cameras, Interfaces for Pinsetters.